Befriend yourself, please

How would you feel, that all of a sudden nobody understands you, you are alone, you are little odd and you are ridiculed by your fellow mates for you being not okay.

You have spurt of negative thoughts that you never had, and you are called as absent minded by your friends and family. You cannot figure out why this is happening and the worst is the more you  try to do it  , being present minded  or suppressing those feelings and then  you are getting to the point where you feel you cannot come out and you are trapped.  It is like a deep hole where there is no sun. A prison in which you are imprisoned by your own thoughts and your mind is your greatest enemy.

This condition is called depression. A painful state in which you feel alone, helpless, ridiculed and battling negative thoughts, and the more you are avoiding those thoughts the more they come and you are afraid of your own mind.

You are thinking I am not mad! , I can think rationally, I can function, however I cannot figure out what is this and why it is happening to me.

The person who goes through it cannot express it as it is embarrassing to say that something is wrong with my mind. The battle begins  and the relentless fight  in which the enemy is in your head.

You are struggling with your own day and out and ultimately you gave up thinking nothing can be improved, things will never change and you give up.

The need to understand is that it is not war it is just to acknowledge your state and accept it.

You cannot fight with your negative thoughts because   your mind is like a stubborn child, you say to it do not think negative and It will think negative.  Instead of asking it to stop thinking negative, start focusing on positive. It is easier said than done. Take small steps do not push hard.

Start your day with one positive affirmation.

I accept myself and love myself.

You will going to make mistakes in your daily life,  not be critical of yourself, and be kind

So  if nobody is understanding you . You befriend yourself. Be your best friend.

Do not leave yourself alone. Befriend yourself.

Listen to yourself and say to it everything going to be alright

It is not your mistake .It is not your fault.

You are not wrong, you are just feeling unwell now.

You will get well soon and you will be healthy.

It is just a matter of time and positive affirmations coupled with hope and you will be able to enjoy your life .

 You will be able to feel the warmth of the rising sun and coolness of the wind.

You will be okay

Befriend yourself

Life Inspiration

My Papa always used to say, be good to others even when they are bad with you. I always argued with him, ‘we should be good with people who are good to us and bad with people who are bad to us’. Times passed and my father died before I can complete my education. I grew more bitter. I started working, met different people from different backgrounds but that bitterness, hollowness was always there. One day I sat down and wondered why I am so sad and lonely from the inside, why I feel so empty, then I remembered my father and his lines do good with others even when they do bad with us. I just started following that and from that day my life changed. I still get angry, I still get irritated, but I do not carry forward any grudge in my heart. I understood the true meaning of my Papa’s lines by doing good to people or forgiving who have hurt you, you are actually healing yourself, you are keeping yourself away from bitterness, from anguish and above all you can sleep peacefully. You are a free and happy soul


कभी कभी जिंदगी आपको कितनी अजीब लगती है,
क्या खोया क्या पाया के हिसाब में ,
हम अपनी मासूमियत को खो देते है ।
मैं नहीं कहती की मैं सही हुॅ , पर गलत भी नहीं ,
मुझे उस चीज की सजा तो मत दो,
जिस पर मेरा
अख्तियार नहीं।
क्यों हमसें मुस्कराने का हक़ भी छीन लिया,
इतने तो हम गुनहगार नहीं ॥

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