ओठो पर मुकराहट पर ये आखें सच बोल देती है,
हमने चाहा ना था पर या ख्ता हमसे हो गयी.
अब बस ज़िदगी की रफ़्तार के साथ चलते चलते ,
ये आखें थोड़ा सा सुकून चाहती है ,
नमी से भरी हुई यह आखें थोड़ा सा मुकरारना चाहती है.

Living with Clinical Depression


Living with clinical depression is like every day you fight with yourself to do the simple task, to drag yourself to work, to force yourself to do simple things.

Feeling unworthy, useless and extreme fatigue is part and parcel of the depressed person.

They are real fighters who keep on fighting with themselves. All the happiness of life is lost and the struggle is to make yourself worthy. To find a purpose for life.

Your illness engulfs your thoughts, actions and you yourself do not know why it is happening.

Why are you failing in those tasks which were so easy for you?  Clinical depression affects the whole personality and it is hard to identify your feelings.

Many people because of lack of knowledge termed Clinical depression as madness or they ridicule the people who are depressed by calling them mad.

Disease will not see any caste, religion, age or status.

It can affect everybody. It is like a ticking bomb.

The need is to create awareness in society and realize that clinical depression can be treated.



हर आहत पर तेरा नाम है , हर खुशी तेरे बिना अधूरी है ,
अधूरेपन का अहसास जो अब हमसफ़र बन गया है,
अधूरापन ही सही इसमे तू तो है ,
कुछ ना होकर भी कुछ खास है, जो ह्मे बार बार तुम्हारी ओर झुकाता है ,
मजबूर करता है , तुम्हे ना पाने की नाकाम कोशिश में हर बार यह यह दिल जीत था है.


क्यो इंतजार करते है, जिसकी कोई उमीद नही हो
क्यो ये आखें आसुओ से भर जाती ,
उस पल के लिए जो छोड़ आए बहुत पहले
एक हसीन पल की चाहत मे कितने लम्हे सिसक उठे.
यह कैसा भ्वर जिसमे हम डूब के उतर गये.


Life is all about the choices we make, the choice to lead or be a follower both are important for maintaining ecology in the society. Nobody is a failure or success. It is subjective to the individual classification of failure or success. As we pass through different segments of life we come to the understanding nothing is good or bad it is the circumstances which make the things good or bad. If you are farmer waiting for rain, rainfall is good for you, but if you are a cricketer and the pitch gets spoiled due to rains and you lost the match it is bad for you. The gist is to cherish life as it advances.


It is not about you and me it is about us, how we decide the future of our lives, what decision we take to make our life beautiful and what encourages or motivates both of us. Have we realized that? I doubt we haven’t and still we are continuously moving in our day to day life. If we do not do anything differently how can we expect the outcome differently? If we do not collate our synergy how can we expect that both of us feel good? It is not about who is right and who is wrong it is about achieving or fulfilling the happiness which we are seeking together. Without having a clear roadmap, how we will we achieve it, we are just moving.
Can we sit together and talk, can boardroom meetings be split into small skip meetings where we can share each and everything and any gap we can just fill it right there.