Life Inspiration

My Papa always used to say, be good to others even when they are bad with you. I always argued with him, ‘we should be good with people who are good to us and bad with people who are bad to us’. Times passed and my father died before I can complete my education. I grew more bitter. I started working, met different people from different backgrounds but that bitterness, hollowness was always there. One day I sat down and wondered why I am so sad and lonely from the inside, why I feel so empty, then I remembered my father and his lines do good with others even when they do bad with us. I just started following that and from that day my life changed. I still get angry, I still get irritated, but I do not carry forward any grudge in my heart. I understood the true meaning of my Papa’s lines by doing good to people or forgiving who have hurt you, you are actually healing yourself, you are keeping yourself away from bitterness, from anguish and above all you can sleep peacefully. You are a free and happy soul


ओठो पर मुकराहट पर ये आखें सच बोल देती है,
हमने चाहा ना था पर या ख्ता हमसे हो गयी.
अब बस ज़िदगी की रफ़्तार के साथ चलते चलते ,
ये आखें थोड़ा सा सुकून चाहती है ,
नमी से भरी हुई यह आखें थोड़ा सा मुकरारना चाहती है.

Living with Clinical Depression


Living with clinical depression is like every day you fight with yourself to do the simple task, to drag yourself to work, to force yourself to do simple things.

Feeling unworthy, useless and extreme fatigue is part and parcel of the depressed person.

They are real fighters who keep on fighting with themselves. All the happiness of life is lost and the struggle is to make yourself worthy. To find a purpose for life.

Your illness engulfs your thoughts, actions and you yourself do not know why it is happening.

Why are you failing in those tasks which were so easy for you?  Clinical depression affects the whole personality and it is hard to identify your feelings.

Many people because of lack of knowledge termed Clinical depression as madness or they ridicule the people who are depressed by calling them mad.

Disease will not see any caste, religion, age or status.

It can affect everybody. It is like a ticking bomb.

The need is to create awareness in society and realize that clinical depression can be treated.