Most of the journeys which I remember was with my father, I used to hold his hand while traveling and he used to keep telling me the significance of the historical monuments that we visited. The best part was the travel time during which, “Papa” used to impart so much knowledge on varied topics. Whenever we visited any historical places, “Papa’’ use to make sure that we read the information encrypted on the stones and we were so much overwhelmed the way our ancestors have used the science to craft the monuments. Today, ‘’Papa’’ is not there but whenever I travel anywhere I make sure to learn something, enjoy each and every moment of my journey because the memoirs which we built is incredible and when we go back the memory lane, It gives us jubilation which is so uniquely us. Travelling makes us realize that there are many things in the world which we do not know and the more we meet people, embrace their cultural beliefs, the more we come closer the concept of Being Global. Someone has rightly said arrival does not matter, the journey does.

Author: Garima Pandey

Author, Blogger, Softskills trainer , Image Consultant , MindshiftCoach

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