It is not about you and me it is about us, how we decide the future of our lives, what decision we take to make our life beautiful and what encourages or motivates both of us. Have we realized that? I doubt we haven’t and still we are continuously moving in our day to day life. If we do not do anything differently how can we expect the outcome differently? If we do not collate our synergy how can we expect that both of us feel good? It is not about who is right and who is wrong it is about achieving or fulfilling the happiness which we are seeking together. Without having a clear roadmap, how we will we achieve it, we are just moving.
Can we sit together and talk, can boardroom meetings be split into small skip meetings where we can share each and everything and any gap we can just fill it right there.

Author: Garima Pandey

Author, Blogger, Softskills trainer , Image Consultant , MindshiftCoach

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